The QonQer experience changes everything

QonQer your world

The first affordable cool connected ebike which fits you. No more worries about wind and rain. And theft? Well once in a while it might happen, but we’ll give you a new bike! Big chance you have found your bike before we do. You can track and block it with your phone if it gets stolen.

Finding your way through the city has never been easier. The QonQer app has a cool navigator. And while you QonQer your world, we want to rock yours. If your QonQer needs maintenance, you’ll get a replacement QonQer e-bike.


The QonQer experience changes everything

Let us guess you have the latest smartphone. You listen the coolest music through Spotify. You know exactly which clothes you want to wear and which you don’t and where to get the best coffee!….So why are you still driving a squeaking sweat machine?

“A cool bike will be stolen anyway”
“I’m too young to drive electric”

Is that what you think?


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