• High Quality, sharp price
  • Delivered to home across Europe
  • Roadworthy in a snap
  • Within 14 days do you drive a QonQer

Are you ready to QonQer the world?

You can ride the QonQer electrified e-bike from as little as €1.850,00

QonQer Too Blue

QonQer Subscription iQonQer
to be free

Don't want the hassles of ownership? Then subscribe to iQonQer. We take care of repairs and theft issues.

Starting from 89 /p.m.

(All in one. Unique in Europe)

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose Janis Joplin

Lease your QonQerLease for 36 months and configure your own QonQer.

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City Tours

Experience QonQer. Explore the city and try out the QonQer.

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Everything for your own ease and comfort

You don't have to lug the QonQer e-bike upstairs to charge it. Just take the battery with you.

We cycle. Re cycle. Up cycle.

It is our mission to contribute to a better living environment in cities. WE CYCLE: We love cycling and we love our planet. RE CYCLE:

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Enthusiastic about QonQer?

Become an ambassador

 Are you enthusiastic about your QonQer? Do you like to get other people excited too? Or are you already doing that? We are looking for Ambassadors for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

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Experience the ease of riding a QonQer Test it out the way you want to:

..for half an hour
or for a week!

Your QonQer, your way