The best student deal: IQonQer

  • Posted by Marek Jansen on

How to sign up as an ambassador for IQonQer

You are of course already an enthusiastic IQonQer driver. Then sign up at QonQer. You will receive a link that you can share via whatsapp, or Instagram or app to a friend. As soon as these are Fee to be Free paid, you will receive your discount. Via your own login you can see how much you have already earned. 

So swap to IQonQer now

Isn't it much nicer to stop sweating? So that you don't enter the lecture hall or meeting steaming. Because oh how hard it can be sometimes! On the QonQer you always have the wind behind you, easy living easy going. By the way, the QonQer comes with black tires. So don't be bothered by angry neighbors or people who think there's another shared bike, I'll pull the valve out ;-)