Do: cycling during corona

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Earlier we wrote why you should buy an electric bike now. We are now over eight months -with a short break- in the intelligent lockdown. A tip that we can give to everyone: bicycle. You will probably never see your city and other cities as they do now. Think of the stories you can retell “we spent a year in intelligent lockdown, the cities were unrecognizable.”

 Like time stands still

It is clear that 2020 is a terrible year. When we look at this on a positive note, we have awesome winter weather. Mild temperatures and blue skies. QonQer has its office in Amsterdam, perhaps the best example that I can immediately sketch. When people asked me before the corona lockdown what it's like to live in Amsterdam, my answer was: Exactly what I want, although it sometimes feels like a theater that all residents of Amsterdam have to participate in.

Now during COVID-19 you see the Amsterdammers largely relaxed, the Jordaan is again of Amsterdam instead of the tourists. The streets are empty, an image that no longer appeared in Amsterdam: children playing football on the streets of the Jordaan. Although the situation is oppressive for many, try to enjoy yourself: the e-bike offers the perfect relaxation.   

Keep moving

At the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, we saw an increase in people who started exercising; after all, you had more time. Now, partly because it is getting colder, this is decreasing again. Experts have been calling since the beginning of the limitation of social contacts that it is responsible and healthy to jump on a bicycle right now. Thus wrote the German of the mirror that cycling is healthy and responsible, because there is always a good distance from other cyclists and, compared to other sports, you do not touch any objects other than your own bicycle.

Test QonQer

What could be better than getting that exercise after a day of working from home by cycling relaxed for half an hour. Not convinced yet? Test the QonQer e-bike, for free and for nothing! Book a test drive now or contact us via the (live) chat.