Company bike? Beneficial or not?

  • Posted by Marek Jansen on

A calculation

Suppose you receive a lease bicycle from the business for € 2000. then a 7% addition applies. So per year there is € 140,- gross on top of your salary. This means that you pay about € 5 per month net for the company's lease bicycle. But, and now it comes, the right to the tax-free kilometer allowance expires. Suppose you cycle to work 20 times a month and live 20 km from work, then you will save € 152 per month in travel expenses. With this amount you have paid your own QonQer in 12-14 months!

Another attractive idea is to enter into the lease yourself with QonQer, private lease. You can already drive a QonQer from € 54/month. In accordance with the calculation above, you will then have € 100 left in the month. That way you have some money left over to take public transport every now and then. Just to name a few.

And do you not know, for example, where you will work in a few months? Well then you choose the IQonQer program. You can already ride an e-bike from € 49 per month, and you can cancel it monthly free of charge.