This is how you maintain your e-bike

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The big question of most people is; does an e-bike require more maintenance than a regular bicycle? The answer to that is no. But an e-bike is also too valuable to 'let maintenance sit for a while'. Can you maintain your e-bike yourself? Yes! And if you regularly give your e-bike some attention, you will of course ensure that it lasts longer. You can do most of it yourself and it takes relatively little effort. That is why we now give you these tips to properly maintain your e-bike! Free and for nothing.

The tire pressure

Every e-bike has guidelines for this, the tires of the QonQer must be 5 bar. A tire that is too soft results in a shorter range, greater tire wear and poorer road holding. So check your tire pressure once every two weeks. Your tires will last as long as possible, and your battery has the largest range.

E-bike chain maintenance

Also a small effort! How often you have to do that depends on the oil and of course on how often you use your e-bike. In any case, it is good to oil if the chain makes noise or if you have been cycling through the rain for several hours. A few drops is enough, don't make the chain too greasy. In any case, use a special chain oil (Pedros, Sapim, Rohloff or Finish Line for example). In any case, no olive oil (yes, we come across it sometimes)!

The battery

E-bike battery maintenance, let's talk about it. The battery in the QonQer is a lithium-ion battery, you can charge this battery at any time, even if the battery is not completely empty. The battery will not deteriorate. If you do not use your e-bike for a longer period of time, make sure that you fully charge your battery once a month. Because a battery can become completely empty, which is called deep discharge. When the battery is in this position, it does nothing at all. So if the e-bike battery is almost empty, simply charge it up.

In addition, every battery is sensitive to high and low temperatures. Do not leave your battery in direct sunlight. In cold weather, the range of the battery decreases slightly. Therefore, charge the battery indoors in the winter. Fortunately, the battery of the QonQer is removable and this can be done easily.

A battery is full of chemicals. The QonQer batteries are of superior quality, but you have to handle them well. For example, do not drop a battery. Hold a battery with both hands, don't run or juggle with it (if you have more :-). If a battery has been dropped, cells on the inside of the battery may be damaged, making the battery potentially a fire hazard. If you do drop your battery, preferably put it outside for 2 to 3 weeks where it cannot be a danger. You do not know what is happening inside the battery. Better to be safe than sorry.

The brakes

The QonQer has hydraulic disc brakes that brake like a charm, and these brakes require virtually no maintenance. What you have to pay attention to with disc brakes is that no greasy agents get on the discs or pads! Nevertheless, check the disc brake pads every now and then.


Not all electric bicycles have the lighting connected to the battery, luckily it is with the QonQer! You don't have to remove the lights from the bike to charge them. Before you get on the e-bike in the evening, always check whether your rear and front lights are still working. Being visible is so safe!

General e-bike maintenance

Are there many nuts and bolts on your e-bike? Check them sometimes and tighten them if necessary! Sometimes nuts can become a bit looser due to the vibration during use. For example, check whether the nuts of your fenders are still tightened. Does the motor of your e-bike need maintenance? No, you don't have to do anything about this.

Do you want to outsource your e-bike maintenance?

Then come by. Then we will give your QonQer e-bike the love and attention you haven't gotten to yet.