QonQer e-bike tour in and around unknown Amsterdam

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Do you want to discover the surroundings of Amsterdam by bicycle or electric bicycle? We have set out a wonderful tour for you. This starts in the bustling Westerpark, and goes via the Prinseneiland, to Amsterdam-North. And of course the pound is part of that. Raw Amsterdam culture, with rustic old Dutch villages. Everything is in it. Depending on how often you stop along the way for nice catering, or to take pictures, the tour lasts 2 to 4 hours.

You can take the tour on your own bike. We have the tour free set out for you. Visit QicQ and bring your mobile and we will help you on your way. If you don't have a bicycle and would like to do the tour on a QonQer electric bicycle, you can rent a QonQer at QicQ in the Westerpark for € 15/day. 

Just drop by QicQ in the Westerpark or send us an email to reserve the QonQer e-bikes for the Tour, info@qonqer.nl

Nice reviews that we would like to share

The best test drive ever!

I've worn out a lot of bikes in my life. A test ride was made with every new bike, but never made one like today. A ride of more than 30 kilometers through Amsterdam and surrounding villages such as Schellingwoude, Burgerdam and the nice places in Amsterdam North. On the way we looked around at the startups in Nieuwendam.
The test ride was on a QonQer bike. A tightly steering e-bike with good support by the rear wheel motor. And for an e-bike a very light bike. The combination was a party. I can recommend this test drive to everyone. Rene

How fun! Testing a QonQer e-bike during a varied cycling tour through and around Amsterdam North. Cross the city by ferry to Noord and within half an hour you can drive through the beautiful Dutch polder landscape. Many cozy places to relax, drink coffee or have lunch. The route is easy to follow and the QonQer also makes it easy to drive in a relaxed way. Tip; Don't forget your earphones because they are really handy to be able to follow the GPS route. joke