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QonQer is a hip newcomer in the e-bike market. Founded in April 2019 as a spin-off of QicQ, which is located in the bustling Westerpark in Amsterdam. As a fast-growing startup with international ambitions, QonQer mainly focuses online on the young urban commuter.

QonQer's mission is to seduce as many people as possible to choose the bicycle as often as possible and we succeed in that. We achieve this with a close-knit and driven team in an informal atmosphere.

We now have an incredibly cool feature that can't be captured in one feature name. The closest description is that of Digital Marketer. The role we offer is much more than that, because at the same time you are also a content creator and sometimes a copywriter. So are you creative and versatile, do you bring a number of years of experience with you and do you also have a "nerdy" side, but are you also social? Then you will find your new challenge here!

Job description & activities

As a digital marketer you help build the brand and brand experience of QonQer in a small and driven team. We are not afraid of original plans, there is plenty of room for your entrepreneurial skills. You also know how important multi-channel marketing is for a brand.

And what else? You manage the e-commerce websites, your extensive experience with SEO will certainly come in handy here. You know how to convert this SEO knowledge into good texts on the website, without losing sight of the brand identity. You come up with creative ideas for landing pages and can then set them up yourself within the CMS. You analyze the results of the pages and the keywords in the usual apps/tools. You monitor this constantly. In Google analytics you can find your way well above average. The analyzes generate new ideas. You work closely with the SEA specialist.

An e-commerce website is never finished. You identify new opportunities and developments with a view to increasing online conversion. You know how to translate your plans to the (external) developer of the e-commerce platforms and you guide adjustments.

As a content creator you know how to give campaigns a face, with your design skills you create beautifully designed social media campaigns and you can use them in the right way. For heavy graphic design work, you have experience in managing external (freelance) designers. You also ensure that the newsletters have a stimulating content. Your ideas in this never really run out. You have more than you can carry out.


You have an affinity with cycling and after viewing our website you immediately start to itch. Just like the other team members, you have an enormous drive and a strong sense of responsibility. You know how to keep your focus and clearly set your priorities. You can work independently and you like an open and direct way of communicating.

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