Why you should buy an electric bicycle now

  • Posted by Stijn Jager on

We all notice it, these are challenging times where every step (or pedal) just got a little more difficult. The travel movements are limited to necessary and it has become colder. How do you ensure that you get some fresh air in this beautiful winter weather.

We at WC-Duck naturally recommend WC-Duck. A electric bike is the perfect way to get your exercise in a responsible way, and it doesn't have to be expensive. We take you through the process.

You may be reading this blog because, like many, you have become interested in an e-bike or electric bicycle in recent months, Google Trends shows an increase of over 30% compared to search behavior for the COVID-19 pandemic. You may also wonder whether you will still like the e-bike when public transport is running normally again. To get a positive note out of this restrictive time: we develop new habits. Where the bus in the old-normal maybe your go-to way to get to work, this is less self-explanatory now. Below we give three reasons why buying an e-bike and building the habit with it is a good plan!

1. Stay healthy

Weather and wind, condition or absolutely no condition: an e-bike pulls you through it. The electric pedal assist makes the e-bike a good choice to keep moving in these times. Develop the ancient Dutch custom; bike… in 2020 ;).

2. Bridge with a headwind? no sweat

We all know the thoughts "why does the wind always turn against me? I already had against the wind on the way there". E-bikes don't care about that; wind or no wind, on or off the bridge, you reach a speed between 25 and 28 kilometers per hour.

3. Every commuter's friend

An e-bike is not only much cheaper to maintain than a car, but think about the time savings. The average speed of a car in the heart of Amsterdam is 8.5 kilometers per hour. An e-bike can easily -and sweat- double this. In addition, parking costs in the center? You can almost buy a QonQer from that.

Well these were some reason. Not to mention the environment; this topic deserves a separate blog!

Testing an e-bike?

Feel free to come by for a e-bike to test, completely free and whenever you want. Testing for a day, a week or more; it's up to you! 

Prefer to order directly? Compose your e-bike and select an additional payment method. Earlier we said that an e-bike does not have to be expensive; and we didn't lie. You buy the e-bike from €1850,-, but do you want a lease e-bike? you can do that from €53 per month. You can even cancel a monthly e-bike subscription shut down.