Configure it yourself

If you decide to lease the QonQer then you can configure it exactly the way you want to. The lease is for 36 months with a deposit of € 119 (QonQer sport and comfort) or € 300 (QonQer too). After the lease. you have the option to purchase the QonQer, but you don't have to.

What's included?

- 24/7 breakdown service (NL, BE and DE)
- All Risk insurance
- Trelock lock

What's the difference between this and a Subscription?

- You can choose all options
- You cannot cancel the contract before the end free of charge
- You can purchase the QonQer e-bike after 36 months

from 59 per month

Lease with an option to take over

You choose the options

Compile your QonQer as you wish and calculate your monthly amount. The lease starts from € 59/month, depending on your choice of battery. And the smart package and the Trelock lock are already included in the price!

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Lease and assemble your QonQer

Sport or Comfort?