So there we were, in our e-bike concept store in the heart of Amsterdam. Everyone was working really hard so that we could serve our customers even better. In the back of our minds was the idea that with every e-bike or pedelec sold, one less car would be used. Less traffic jams, less CO2, less parking worries. All good things!

QonQer changes everything

But we were wondering how could we get more people on e-bikes even more quickly? We feel that change can happen faster. We love cycling. And so the answer was quite simple. Let's make an e-bike ourselves! An e-bike that is not inferior to luxurious e-bikes (that we do have experience with), with the same kind of cool looks, and then we'll offer the same premium service but at a very competitive price!

We put together an e-bike with seriously good components but without a ridiculously high price.

A cool e-bike: no hassles, premium service and a great price,

The first prototype was there within three months. We were wildly enthusiastic, So on to the next prototype. We wanted a removable battery that was integrated into the frame, and preferably even more powerful. It became an exercise in patience. It all took longer than expected. We were already in the starting blocks with our ideas about leasing, subscriptions and tours.

So we kept going. And our dream came true, and with it, hopefully, the beginning of yours.

About QonQer The best, not the most expensive