QonQer is the e-bike made for you.

We offer test rides for our customers across Europe. Do you want to be a QonQer Rider yourself? You will be the ambassador of our brand, providing this service in your city.

We will provide you with prospects via email. Your job is done

1. Share your availability
2. Proactively acquire and engage your own prospects for test rides
3.Take appointments
4. Ride to the agreed location
5. Make the Test Ride a fun experience
6. Answer questions and persuade them to get their own QonQer bike

Best. Student Job. Ever! M. Koning


In return for your services you will receive:

• A free e-bike for a starting period of minimum 3 months
• Earn a commission per sold e-bike

What we are looking for in a rider

• You love e-bikes
• You know your way around town
• You are not shy
• You are active on social media
• proactive
• Good listener


After you receive your e-bike you can familiarize yourself with your e-bike, so you get a feel for the bike and can easily manage all the basic and important features. Like how to switch on the bike and the light, set the support, and insert and eject the battery amongst others.

Now that you know your QonQer inside and out, it's time to spread the word. QonQer e-bikes are a fun and a great way to go about, commute and help the environment.


We love to hear from you. We'd like to know your motivation and have a look at your social media presence (we don't give these bikes to just anybody you know).

We will reward you if your test ride results in sales. Fill in the linked form, and we will contact you as soon as possible

QonQer Your Freedom