There we were, in our e-bike concept store in the heart of Amsterdam. Everyone was working hard to serve our customers even better. In the back of our minds the idea that with every e-bike or pedelec sold, one less car was used. Less traffic jams, less C02, less parking hassles. Good things everyone! Yet something gnawed. Summers are getting warmer and the climate is overheating.

The freedom of an e-bike.

It's all too slow. How can we get more people on the e-bike faster? We know it can be done better, but can it also be cheaper? Yes, that's possible. What we always get back from our satisfied customers is what a great experience it is to exchange public transport (or car) for an e-bike. With 30 minutes on the e-bike you come home completely relaxed after a day of studying or hard work. That free feeling is what belongs to the QonQer. You can go wherever you want and it's healthy too. We want to share that feeling with everyone.

Now we can put together the e-bike with really good parts but without an insanely high price.

A cool e-bike: no hassle, premium service AND a good price,

The first prototype was ready within three months. The next 5 e-bikes lasted a year. It was a good start but still not good enough. Just like the more luxurious e-bikes, we wanted to have a battery in the frame.