Subscription Notes


You have just taken out a QonQer subscription. How will it go on?

We need a few more details from you

  • A copy of your passport;
  • A copy of a bank statement where the address and account number are clearly visible;
  • Recent pay slip of a maximum of 3 months old.

You can email these documents to: 
You will then receive from us   the subscription agreement to sign

You then sign these documents and send them back to: 
As soon as we have received the documents with signature from you, we will get to work with your bike. We hope to have your QonQer ready within 7 days. You can pick it up or have it sent to you after we have notified you.

We'll keep you posted on how the progress is going. Do you have any questions? Call us on + 31 20 70 52 355 or send an email to

While you will QonQer your world, we hope to rock yours!